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If your eyes don’t make enough tears for lubrication, you may be left with dry eyes. This uncomfortable condition can cause more than just dryness: you may also suffer from stinging, burning, eye discharge, and other irritating symptoms. At EVERY EYE Care in Fayetteville, Georgia, optometrist-owner Terrence Roberts, OD can relieve your dry eyes so you can be comfortable again at last. Book online or by phone today.

Dry Eyes Q & A

What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome, often referred to as dry eyes, occurs when your eyes don't make enough tears. You need a tear film to protect your eyes and keep them lubricated properly, so without this, you'll likely suffer from dry eyes and other connected symptoms. Dry eye is a chronic condition, but there are effective treatments available.

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

The symptoms of dry eye syndrome may start with dry eyes, but there's often much more to the problem.

You may also experience the following symptoms.

  • Burning in your eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Grainy feeling in your eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision

Watery eyes is also a possible symptom of dry eye syndrome. While this seems odd, the moisture generated when you've got watery eyes isn't genuine tear film. It's only a reflex response to the eye dryness.

How are dry eyes treated?

Treatment for dry eyes depends on what your symptoms are, and how intrusive they are. Dr. Roberts may prescribe eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated. If your symptoms are more serious, or if lubricating eye drops don't help, Dr. Roberts may prescribe eye drops that stimulate new tear creation.

If you have severe dry eyes that don't respond to prescription treatments, Dr. Roberts may recommend punctal plugs. Punctal plugs reduce your tear drainage to keep your eyes better lubricated, which alleviates the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

These inserts are tiny silicone or collagen pieces that fit in your tear ducts. Collagen plugs dissolve on their own over weeks or months, while Dr. Roberts must remove the silicone plugs. Silicone punctal plugs are semi-permanent, so they can stay in your eyes indefinitely until you don’t need them or it’s time for a replacement.

What can I do at home to alleviate dry eyes?

In addition to your treatment at EVERY EYE Care, you can make a few lifestyle changes to help minimize your dry eyes symptoms. Try the following tips.

  • Avoid excessive time in dry environments
  • Minimize hair dryer use
  • Wear protective eyewear outdoors
  • Use a humidifier in your home
  • Don't rub your eyes
  • Drink plenty of water

If you take the steps above and follow your treatment plan closely, you can put dry eyes behind you for good.

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