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Terrence J. Roberts, O.D.

Optometrist located in Fayetteville, GA

Whether you’re brand new to contact lenses or you’ve been wearing them for years, you may be wondering which of the many lens options is right for you. Terrence Roberts, OD, the optometrist-owner at EVERY EYE Care in Fayetteville, Georgia, can help you find the right type of contact lenses for your unique situation. Whether you have great vision, poor vision, a condition like astigmatism, or complex vision issues, EVERY EYE Care has contacts that will work for you. Book now through the online scheduler or by phone.

Contact Lenses Q & A

When is a child old enough to wear contact lenses?

It can be different for every child. If your child’s showing an interest in trying contact lenses and they’re at least 10 years old, talk to Dr. Roberts about whether it’s the right time.

To wear contacts, children have to be responsible enough to do any necessary lens care and to change their lenses when it’s time. Dr. Roberts can work with you and your child to help them transition into contacts. For most young patients, it’s best to have both contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Can I still wear contacts with astigmatism?

Absolutely! EVERY EYE Care carries a wide range of specialized contact lenses, including those made especially for astigmatism. Toric lenses are made to fit the unique cornea shape characteristic of astigmatism. They offer excellent astigmatism correction that’s just as good as what you’d get from eyeglasses.

Are bifocal or multifocal contacts available?

Yes. EVERY EYE Care offers both bifocal and multifocal lenses for patients who have both distance and reading vision problems. Bifocal lenses, just as with bifocal glasses, split the lens in two and you look through the half of the lens needed.

Multifocal lenses place both distance and close-up vision prescriptions all over the lens. For example, a multifocal lens may have concentric circles with alternating prescriptions. Over time, you’ll automatically adjust to looking through the right field to get optimal vision in each situation.

Should I get disposable or extended wear contacts?

It depends on your lifestyle, your needs, and your individual preferences. Many patients love the convenience of daily disposable contacts that they simply throw away every night. There’s no lens storage to worry about and it’s always easy to replace lenses as needed.

Extended wear contacts have benefits of their own as you can wear these lenses anywhere from a week to a month straight. The silicone hydrogel formula allows your eyes to breathe through the lenses, which is why you can even wear them while you sleep. For many patients, not having to worry about daily lens removal and insertion is very convenient.

Ready to see clearly with contacts that are custom-fitted for you? Call EVERY EYE Care today to book your appointment or use the online booking feature.