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Specialty Eyewear

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Unique Needs Call for Unique Eyewear:  Sports and Specialty Eyewear in Fayetteville

We feature an outstanding collection of eyeglasses in our Fayetteville eye doctor’s office, including designs to support your vision and protect your eyes under all circumstances.  Not sure which specialty eyeglasses will be the perfect fit for your face and your life? Let us help you choose. Tell us about yourself, your hobbies and activities, and we’ll guide you towards the ideal glasses to safeguard your eyes and provide sharp vision, a comfortable feel, and long-lasting wear.

If you lead an active, sports-minded lifestyle, we offer a diverse range of sports and specialty eyewear in Fayetteville. Our collection includes safety goggles, specially tinted lenses, wraparound designs, and more. If you are more of an indoorsy person and spend a lot of time gazing at a screen, ask us about computer glasses with blue light protection.

We will help customize your eyewear to complement your life!

Sports, water activities and all types of outdoor recreation depend upon top visual skills. In addition to crisp eyesight, you need excellent depth perception, eye-hand coordination and peripheral awareness. Our optical technicians will match you to the best specialized eyewear for your needs. Whether you play racquetball, go SCUBA diving or spend your leisure time hunting, our eye care team will examine your vision and recommend the most appropriate eyewear.

With consideration for your particular sport or hobby, our eye doctors will customize your eye exam. We may use tests to inspect your vision while in motion outside, or while you’re interacting with other objects or players. Computerized exams with 3D, holographic images are very helpful, as well as automated testing that measures your reaction time.

We offer an extensive selection of specialty eyewear, and you may need more than one pair of eyeglasses to suit all of your requirements! In addition to safety glasses for sports, we also feature eyewear to protect your eyes from extended computer use. Driving glasses, designed with polarized lenses to diminish glare, are another popular item. Customized tints are also available to enhance contrast for sharp vision in all weather conditions. If your occupation involves hazardous work, such as using power tools, we have a variety of safety eyewear to recommend.

Whatever your sport or hobby, make sure that you are protecting your eyes and achieving optimal performance with the right pair of specialty eyewear.  Contact us today to set up a specialty eyewear consultation.